Cotton yield increases in Azerbaijan

JANUARY 11, 2021

Some 37,904 tons of cotton have been harvested from the fields in Aghjabadi district, one of the biggest cotton-growing districts of Azerbaijan. In accordance with the data, cotton was grown on a 10,689- hectare-area in this district on the basis of contracts with Azerpambig LLC, MKT Production Commercial LLC, and P-Agro LLC in 2020.

Every day, more than 100 tons of crops are harvested from the fields. The yield per hectare is 35.46 centners. Cotton production has increased by 5,805 tons while the average yield - by 4.76 centners per hectare.

Some 32,990 tons of products were grown in the Aghjabadi district on a 10,452-hectare-area, the average yield reached 30.7 centners per hectare in 2019.